Sunday, March 29, 2009

Tom Tom Magazine Benefit Show

My friend, Vicki Simon, is an editor at Tom Tom Magazine, a magazine in the making about female drummers. Tom Tom Magazine is having a benefit party this Tuesday, March 31, at Death By Audio. All proceeds go to printing the first issue.

Come out!

Tom Tom Magazine Benefit Show
@ Death By Audio (
49 South 2nd St @ Kent | Williamsburg, Brooklyn L-Bedford, G-Metropolitan
$5 -10 sliding scale
doors @ 8 pm (first band at 8:30)

Jacques Detergent -
Hand Jobs -
Ina! Ina! -
Bad Brilliance -
Tayisha Busay -

"Tom Tom Magazine is the portal for information about females that drum. Tom Tom’s purpose is to raise awareness about girl and women drummers from all over the world and to inspire females of all ages to drum. Tom Tom’s goal is to strengthen and build the community of otherwise fragmented female musicians and to create a network of musicians around the world. Tom Tom serves a unique purpose by catering exclusively to female drummers and providing them with important information and resources."

Featured Drummers: Allison Busch (Awesome Color, Red Dawn II), Alexandria Koehler (Vivian Girls), Frankie Madaline Rose (Crystal Stilts), LaFrae Sci (Jootzy Szaba), Marcia Hill (Antimagic), Molly Allis (Huff This), Katie Eastburn (I'm In You), Gina Marie Scardino (Ina! Ina!), Mindy Abovitz (Taigaa, More Teeth), Katy Otto (Trophy Wife, Helsinki), Andrya Ambro (Talk Normal)

Photographers: Jee Young Sim, Erin Nicole Brown, Jennifer Aschoff, Megan Hessenthaler,

Editors: Victoria Simon, Cathy Hsiao

Designer: Candice Ralph

Editor-in-Chief: Mindy Abovitz

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Cut Copy Performance at Terminal 5

Cut Copy's sold-out performance last night at Terminal 5 delivered on its electropop, disco-worthy promise of addictively poppy new wave grooviness.

Below, "Hearts on Fire" clip from Youtube (not official video):

During the performance, the Australian electro-pop group verbally encouraged the audience to have a good time and fostered their desired dance party extravaganza through their catchy hooks, bright flashing visuals and the sheer energy emanating from both the band and the crowd.

While I at first wanted to be on the 1st floor of the venue and in the thick of it all, the claustrophobia of not even being able to stand without rubbing against someone's arms or purse was soon cause for exploration to other levels of the venue. Did you know Terminal 5 has an Empanada Mama inside of it? Well, now you do. It also has bars on every level, balconies to see from above, and most appealing of all to me: more space to not only breathe but to dance on the upper levels.

Here are some pictures and a video taken from my phone. (Unfortunately, but not unsurprisingly, videos taken from my phone don't have the best sound quality!) If you like 80's music, electro-pop, new wave or pop music at all, this is definitely music to check out and to even break into a sweat over!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Sleep Deprivation Across The Nation and Poster Boy

"Sleep Deprivation Across The Nation" -- I overheard it in the elevator, and this might just become a new favorite quote.

Perhaps I can ascribe my restlessness to seasonal flux, or to my imminent two-month sojourn to Peru, or perhaps to my juggling of low-paying teaching gigs... or most aptly to all of the above, and more.

Anyway, how apropos that in my restless meanderings my friend forwarded me info about a Poster Boy exhibit tomorrow.

The exhibit is in Williamsburg, at 17 Frost Gallery, on Frost Street between Union and Lorimer Streets. Poster Boy will be showing in a group exhibit with the Neo-Con New York Collective. It opens tomorrow, March 21, from 7-9 pm. More on Poster Boy below.

NY Magazine has an article, "How Poster Boy Turns Subway Ads Into Political Art", which explores Poster Boy's anti-mass-media message. The New York Times, meanwhile, published an article last month, "Poster Boy Is Caught, or Is It a Stand-In?", which discusses Poster Boy's assessment of the law: "there is a difference between what is [legally] right and what is just." This remix culture, which challenges traditional copyright issues, is a growing trend that has been embraced by such artists as Girl Talk and continues to push the boundaries of what is considered legally acceptable.

I plan on being there!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Monday, March 9, 2009

Pay-what-you-wish Museum Days!

So my last post was about free/cheap events, and I didn't even mention the Target First Saturdays at BAM or the Fringe Art Festival... so here I am, trying to make up for it. Check this out:

Pay-what-you-wish Museum Days!


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Free Things This Weekend

My thoughts are gravitating towards free or low-cost activities this weekend.

I am thinking perhaps a free show at the BAMcafé? This Friday, March 6, features the Dang-it Bobbys at 9 pm (with the bar opening at 8; and I presume it will pack a full crowd pretty quickly). The Dang-it Bobbys are a mix of blue-grass and folk, with other influences and a style all their own... And they hail from Brooklyn! Then on Saturday, March 7, at the BAMcafé is Sophia Ramos, McRad and The Dustbin Brothers. This also promises to be an eclectic evening, with punk-pop songs and edgy fun.

But I am also contemplating going to the dance party at Tribeca Grand on Saturday (March 7), promoted by GBH and free with RSVP. See the GBH flyer here. (The RSVP e-mail is This should be a fun night of dancing to electro-pop and checking out the scenesters... !

But finally, I think my priority is to have fun with my friends this weekend, when all is said and done. We'll see where that leads me!